6 Best Way to Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Your Retail Store

Best Way to Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Your Retail Store

If you are from the fashion retail business, you’ll easily relate how competitive it is. This industry guarantees steady cash flow every month with ample scope for advancement. The more you appeal the interest of your consumers the more success you’ll achieve. Customers expect a quality, affordable and trending product from you. To match these expectations you need to have a trusted wholesale clothing supplier.

Income Growth

It’s easy to find wholesale clothing suppliers in India if you know exactly what type and quality of clothes you are looking for. If you are clear about what you want to sell, here are some useful tips for finding  wholesale clothing manufacturers in India for your retail or online store.

1. Know About Clothing Industries’ Distribution Channels

Wholesale clothes are supplied to retailer from manufacturer in many ways. Generally, not all the clothing wholesalers serve the same market. That is why having proper knowledge of the distribution channel and supply chain makes it easier for you to find the correct wholesale clothing suppliers for boutiques or online clothing store. Following are the different types of wholesalers:

– Manufacturers

– Importer/Exclusive Distributor

– Wholesaler/ Regional Distributor

– Jobbers or Wagon peddlers

Each Clothing wholesaler may have a different distribution channel. For example, if some retailers have a requirement large enough then they might import it directly from the manufacturers bypassing the small scale suppliers to get better pricing.

2. If Possible, Start with The Manufacturer First

It’s always a good option to source directly from the cloth manufacturers. There are chances that they might sell to you depending on their minimum order requirements. Sometimes your order can be too small for them or they might have a policy of selling only through established distribution channels. If this is so you can ask them for a list of distributors to contact.

By starting directly from the manufacturers, either you will get the lowest prices or at least you will get a list of some trusted distributors to start your search.

While sourcing clothes for your business, always keep in mind that the lesser people you have to go through, the lower your cost will be and higher profit margins for yourself, becoming more competitive in the market.

3. You Can Also Search for Wholesalers on Internet

Google may come very handy for your preliminary research for wholesale clothing suppliers in India. On researching deeply you’ll get more specific about the particular clothing products you’re looking for.

4. Take Help of Similar Interest Groups, Forums, and other Professional Networks

It’s often hard to extract information from other retailers as they are not always willing to share supplier information with their competitors. So if you are starting small its better to make use of some networking to find the best wholesale clothing suppliers for your business. Start building relationships with industry insiders and within a short time you will be one of those insiders. You can take part in online forums, build your social media profile and start building connections, subscribe to some of the industry newsletters, and develop your professional network.

Professional Networks

5. Make Use of Trade Publications

It would be very beneficial if you get a subscription of every magazine or newsletter that targets clothing retailers. You’ll see a lot of clothing wholesalers or distributors looking to reach you via advertisements. You should also subscribe to the online blogs, newsletters and other sources of information available.

6. Visit Some Trade Shows

If you want to build and grow your business then you must attend trade shows. In trade shows, retailers get a chance to talk face to face with clothing manufacturers in India. This helps in extracting accurate information about the products of your interest.

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