Rajasthani Wedding: All You Need To Know About Marwari Wedding Rituals

rajasthani wedding

Rajasthani Wedding: Rangeelo Rajasthan is full of traditions and colorfulness, one can see all glimpse of these Rajasthani wedding rituals in any Rajasthani marriage ceremony. A proper Rajasthani marriage consists of a lot of pre and post Marwari wedding rituals. Generally, the bride and groom carry out most of these rituals in their respective homes. In Rajasthan, the ancient ritual of matching the bride and groom’s horoscope is conducted first by their parents. Once all the rituals and traditions are fully performed, then only a Rajasthani wedding is considered as complete. These marwari wedding rituals are basically divided into two categories namely, pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals.

Culture and Tradition of Rajasthani Marriage:

The very first ritual of the Rajasthani wedding starts with the engagement ceremony, mostly conducted at the bride’s home. In this rite, the parents of bride and groom apply tilak (application of powder or paste on the forehead ) to the would-be groom and give gifts such as clothes, sweets, fruits and dry fruits to him and his family members. After the engagement function, a Ganpati sthapana pooja is conducted in both the families respectively. In this ritual, the idol of Lord Ganesha is placed in the home to receive his blessing for the would-be bride and groom. This ritual is followed with the next ritual of Pithi Dastoor or the Haldi Ceremony in which the relatives of both the families apply a paste of turmeric and sandalwood on the body of the future bride and grooms in their respective homes. Once this ceremony is done the bride and groom can’t go out of the home till the wedding day.

Next to Pithi Dastoor comes the ceremony of the Mahira Dastoor in which the bride and groom’s maternal uncle offer gifts and other things to the relatives and family members, in form of gold and silver jewelry, clothes, fruits, dry fruits, etc.

Next to this is Janev ceremony in which the groom is dressed in saffron or yellow color and performs hawan, and wears a sacred thread known as Janev. Just before the Baarat procession a Nikasi ceremony also takes place in which the groom wears the Sehra on his head and his sister applies kajal into his eyes. She also applies golden tread on the mare’s neck.

After Nikasi the Baarat procession starts in which the groom, typically dressed in Rajasthani attire arrives at the wedding venue on the mare along with his friends and family members (mostly males). The Baarat is welcomed by the bride’s family and the mother of the bride performs the aarti in the traditional way. Subsequently, the Panigrahn function takes place in which the groom holds the bride’s hand and promise to stay together throughout their life.

At last, the Pheras are conducted in which the bride and groom take Pheras together around the sacred fire. In this ritual the priest chants the holy scripts and mantras. In a Marwari wedding, four pheras are taken around the holy fire and three are taken later near the entrance.

In the wedding reception, you can also enjoy the culture of Rajasthan and cultural richness on Rajasthani traditions at the night of mehfil or sangeet. This refers to the evening festivities observed during the days preceding the marriage day. There are separate get together of men and women. They enjoy performing song and dance routines. The bride is ushered in the mehfil with the sound of dhol and is seated on a special seat and all dance and sing to make her smile. Similarly, men also arrange their own sangeet celebrations where women are strictly not allowed. Nowadays sangeet ceremonies take place with both males and females audience present together without much of restriction but under sobriety. They perform Rajasthani wedding dance enthusiastically on one or all of the following songs:

Famous Rajasthani Wedding Song:

Rajasthani Wedding Song
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Some of the famous Rajasthani folk song for a Rajasthani wedding are:

  • Ghoomar
  • Mehandi Rachan Lagi
  • Gorband
  • Mahare Hiwda me Nache Mor
  • Banna Re
  • Nimbuda Nimbuda
  • Dholi Tharo Dhol Baje
  • Chirmi
  • Pallo Latke

and many more.

Just like the music the traditional Rajasthani food offered during the wedding is also rich or variety and very much tasty and lip-smacking. Following are some of the food items you will surely find in every Rajasthani wedding.

Luscious Rajasthani Food Menu List To Try Out In Every Wedding:

Rajasthani Food Menu
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  • Dal Bati Churma
  • Mohan Thal
  • Mawe Ki Kachori
  • Mirchi Bada
  • Kalakand
  • Gatte Ki Sabji
  • Kadhi
  • Jal Jeera
  • Bajre Ki Roti
  • Ghevar
  • Moong Daal Ka Halwa
  • Malpua
  • Bajre ki Roti with Lehsun Chutney
  • Churma Ladoo
  • Ker Sangri
  • Boondi Raita

Popular And Traditional Rajasthani Dresses For Wedding

Rajasthani Traditional Dresses: When it’s about dressing up for a wedding, the people of the state has a lot of Rajasthani traditional dresses to adore. While the men look handsome in traditional Rajasthani Johdhpuri achkans, ladies have a wide variety of Rajasthani dresses for wedding, some of which are listed below:

Wedding Wear Rajasthani Dresses For Women

  • Ghagra and Choli
Ghagra and Choli
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  • Rajasthani Poshaak
Rajasthani Poshaak
Image Courtesy – Pinterest
  • Rajasthani Kurti

Rajasthani Kurti

  • Rajasthani Salwar Suit

Rajasthani Salwar Suit

  • Patiala Salwar

Patiala Salwar

This was all about the colorful and traditional Rajasthani marriages depicting the vibrant Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan. The variety of customs, cuisines, songs and attractive attires they offer. We hope, next time when you receive an invitation to any Rajasthani wedding, your heart will ponder with enthusiasm thinking about the various Marwari wedding rituals and traditions you’ll going to witness.

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